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Welcome to Myel's gallery.

My name is Murielle, also known as "Myel". I live in Belgium and I am married with the artist Kassad.
I work as a Scientist in a University.
My hobbies are Photography, 3D art, Music (piano and bass), Cinema, Reading and Video games (GW).

I began photography circa 2000 with analog cameras (Canon AL-1, FTb).
In 2007, my passion for photography increased, I specialized in macro photography and
I bought a digital camera (Nikon D40X) and a macro lens (Sigma 105mm f2.5).
Since, my husband bought me a Nikon D90, a Nikon D7000 and lighting studio equipment.
I also like creating or finding in flea markets some new photography accessories.

I continually try increasing my photography skills and my creativity thanks to books, web tutorials and, above all, new experiments.

In 2010, I developed a passion for the photography of water drops and a few years later, with the help of Kassad,
I made an electronic machine capable of taking automatically collisions between drops and a water container or
between two drops.

All the post-effects on my photographs are made with PixelMator and Bibble 5.

I also have created 3D scene integrating some photographs with the help of Kassad, and, when I have time, I enjoy modeling 3D objects with Silo, ZBrush and 3D-Coat.

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