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My name is Murielle, also known as "Myel". I live in Belgium and I am married with Robert (the artist Kassad).
I work as a Scientist in a University.
My hobbies are Photography, 3D art (3D modeling & animation), Music (piano and bass), Cinema, Reading and Video games (GW).

I began photography in the 2000s with analog cameras.
In 2007, my passion for photography increased, I bought a digital camera and I gradually specialized in macro photography.
In 2010, I developed a passion for photography of water drops and a few years later, I made an electronic device for such kind of photography.
Since then, I like to test various experiments, build accessories and devices with macro photography purposes.
For the last few years, I started playing with post-effects and manipulations of photographs.

It's only at almost 40 years old that I was diagnosed with autism (Asperger syndrom).
A few months later, I discovered the Aut'Créatifs collective and thus had the opportunity to join a community of other atypical people.
With them, I collaborated on two projects: the writing of the book Notre richesse and the magazine Aut'rement.



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