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My name is Murielle, also known as "Myel". I live in Belgium and I am married with Robert (the artist Kassad).
I work as a Scientist in a University.
My hobbies are Photography, 3D art (3D modeling & animation),
Music (piano and bass), Cinema, Reading and Video games (GW).

I discovered photography with an old SLR camera of my husband
almost 25 years ago. A few years later, I acquired my first digital
camera. I was gradually seduced by macro-photography, which
reveals the invisible beauty of our daily environment and for
which any object, any material is a source of inspiration.

In addition to capturing what exists, I like to stage objects, carry out
experiments to create universes to photograph. I also like the
post-processing stages,  the manipulation of photographs as well as
the construction of studio accessories and systems dedicated to
experimental photography. With a controlled environment, these
systems offer a certain amount of control that gives free rein to creativity.

In the light of my autistic profile, I now realize that my artistic
passions are a way of escaping, calming myself and expressing my sensitivity.



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